Una (in Hindi उना, in Punjabi ਊਨਾ ) is a city and a municipal council in Una district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Una is located at 31°29′N 76°17′E / 31.48°N 76.28°E. It has an average elevation of 369 metres (1210 feet). It is hottest district in Himachal Pradesh.

Una je rijeka u sjeverozapadnom dijelu Bosne i Hercegovine koja manjim dijelom čini zapadnu granicu BiH i Hrvatske. Ime Una potiče od korijena je u općoj imenici unda, što znači uzburkana voda, voda, val. Po drugim nalazima riječ Una potiče od riječi uno, što ima značenje jedna, jedina.

Una izvire iz sjeveroistočnog dijela planine Stražbenice, i protiče kroz: Martinbrod, Kulen Vakuf, Ripač, Bihać, Bosansku Krupu, Bosansku Otoku, Bosanski Novi (Novi Grad), Bosansku Kostajnicu i Hrvatsku Kostajnicu), Bosansku Dubicu (Kozarsku Dubicu), Jasenovac.

UNA has more than 50,000 alumni throughout Alabama, the Southeast region and the world. Alumni have an array of opportunities to stay connected with UNA.


From German Bauer (“farmer”). From Middle High German būre, gebūre, from Old High German būr, gibūr, gibūro, from Proto-Germanic *būraz. Compare English bower, boor, Dutch boer, buur. Bauer m (genitive Bauern, plural Bauern) 1.farmer, peasant, boor 2.(chess) pawn

UNAs are national civil society organizations that provide a link between the citizens of the world and the United Nations by seeking to ensure that the UN is relevant to the lives of the peoples it exists to serve. UNAs have different programs and a variety of constituencies, such as individual members, member organizations, and partner schools and universities

UNA is home to about 7,100 students, of whom about 55 percent are women and 45 percent are men. Most UNA students – about 70 percent – are enrolled full-time, and most – also about 70 percent – are Alabama residents. All classes at UNA are taught by University faculty members, not graduate assistants. More than 70 percent of the instructional faculty holds doctoral degrees in their fields of study. UNA has a student-teacher ratio of 23:1 and an average class size of 25.

Una is a boutique that offers a thoughtfully curated mix of vegetables, jewellery and housewares from an international roster of designers.